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Armani Casa wallpaper collections reflect Giorgio Armani’s aesthetic approach to design: refined, sophisticated and minimalist intended to style  your space with timeless elegance and sophistication.

Fibres-Structues---thumbExplore Armani I: Precious Fibers I
Features refined designs with an oriental touch, inspired by nature and stones and made in exquisite materials that give spaces a sophisticated allure and an elegant decorative signature. The color palette ranges from warm beige, brown and grey to colder blue, light lime green and metallic grey.

Refined-Structures---thumbExplore Armani II: Refined Structures
Offers a wide selection of wallcoverings characterized by refined designs with an oriental touch inspired by nature and stones and made in exquisite materials that give spaces a sophisticated allure and an elegant decorative signature. The classical nuances like ice white, pale gold, dove-grey and grey alternates to intenser colors like blue, light blue, sage green and pompeian red.


armani-3-brand-thumbExplore Armani III: Graphic Elements
The designs reference oriental aesthetics, filtered through a Western cultural prism and executed through the use of sophisticated and contemporary media. They feature metallic effects and elaborate textures that create a harmonious marriage between graphics and materials. Designs inspired by patterned Japanese kimonos and tsubas, a design element of traditional Japanese swords, feature highly ornamental elements – the result is beautiful, tasteful decor. Classic Armani wallpaper patterns such as checkerboard and chevron, as well as graphic interpretations of natural elements such as bamboo and cherry blossoms, complement the themes of the collection. Effects on different supports coordinate the decorative elements. The rich and exquisite tones of ruby red, sapphire blue and jade green are a counterpoint to the collection’s classic shades of ice, ivory, gold, taupe and grey.


Armani Casa mural Precious Fibres II Explore Armani IV: Precious Fibres 2 
A precise aesthetic sense pervades every collection by Giorgio Armani, created by embodying his thoughts and obsessions. This is expressed through a series of dioramas that illustrate a play on themes, referencing fashion and the activation of surprising ideas into research of an absolute style. In a cross between urban and natural scenery, where there are infinite possibilities for variations created by pairing these two opposites, the intervention of light, projecting a play of shadows and reflections, transforms regular architecture into irregular elements. Exquisite embroideries that, over time, have characterized the Armani image, are transformed into textures that are now seen in the home collection. Hence a sophisticated tailored design is created, giving each piece a new type of classical air.


Explore Armani V: Refined Structures 2
The key elements of the Armani world are turned into sophisticated wallpapers: nature is one of the protagonists, with its bamboo forests and flourishing oaks, together with graphics – macro chevron motifs placed on marble backgrounds or trompe-l’oeil effects of draping veils – and textures evoking traditional techniques like straw marquetry and Japanese tatami. Influences also come from fashion, clearly inspired by the precious embroideries by Armani Privé. Echoes of lightness are expressed through digital overlays, while three-dimensional supports are emphasized by a particular pearlescent finish and fine palettes ranging from neutral to pastel hues.



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