Jannelli & Volpi is a renowned European leader in the realm of wallcoverings and fine furniture fabrics. Founded in 1961, the Company showcases innovative designs infused with the rich ancestry of traditional Italian décor.

After decades of masterfully producing exclusive wallcoverings for international brands, Jannelli & Volpi has launched J&V Italian Design, to unveil the unique “J&V” perspective on Italian style.  Seamlessly incorporating classical ideas with fresh global influences, J&V Italian Design entices designers and design aficionados alike.

State-of-the-art screen printing with metallic effects; contrasting details sculpted in velvet; patterns born of grains of sand – such is the genius of J&V Italian Design.   In addition, the Company is committed to using sustainable raw materials and production methods which protect the environment, thereby ensuring a healthy future for contemporary design with the utmost respect for the past.


Rinascimento_3-250x250Explore 121 Heritage
The elegant graphics of the 121 Heritage Collection revitalize antique motifs.  Soft patterns harmonize with sensual colors – understated opulence perfected.

Explore 141 Atelier
A graceful collection of muted pastels and calming earth tones rich in texture

Explore 151 Shibori
A contemporary celebration of the treasured Japanese (textile) art form. 

JV_301_Hero_Product-350x350Explore 301 Hot Skins
Exotic animal skins have long tamed handbags, footwear and accessories, with their subtle call of the wild.  301 Hot Skins’ embossed Crocodile, Ostrich and Reptile wallcoverings ignite the senses with the thrill of the hunt, making a powerful impact on public spaces and larger areas.


450-Naturale_metalbackduosisal_Product-350x350Explore 450 Naturale
Natural fibres such as silk, grasscloths and cork are crafted into the fine textures and soft wovens of the 450 Naturale Collection. An artisan’s skill plays up metallics, natural bamboo, cork veneer and other elements.  Nature, only better!


JV_501_OrnamentaFlock_Product-350x350Explore 501 Collection
J&V 501 Collection leads the expedition! Today’s most influential design trends, textures, tones and graphics journey from the continents directly to your wallspace.


Explore 502 Interior


JV701_Cityscape_Product-350x350Explore 701 Cityscape
701 Cityscape Collection innovatively combines gravure techniques with ultra-violet reflective inks, updating your home or office with reflections on the grand metropolis.


basket_weave-250x250Explore 750 Collection
The 750 Collection brazenly calls out from high-traffic areas and large spaces, begging for attention.  Reach out and touch the basket-weave surface or burnished metal, if you dare!


Sq.-B.-Metal-5103-250x250Explore 751 Zen
Blissful tranquility pervades any space touched by the 751 Zen Collection. Fabric-backed, embossed vinyl is transformed into delicate, mystical creations that encourage contemplation.


JV_901_Onda_Product-350x350Explore 901 Collection
High-tech innovation meets exquisite taste in the 901 VIP (Very Important Paper) Collection.  Luxury faux-leather wallcoverings and sumptuous designs embedded with glass beads or grains of sand, provide an inimitable, tactile experience.


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