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Since 1951, Finland’s famed design house Marimekko wallpaper has been bringing joy to everyday life with a panoply of unconventional prints. By juxtaposing contradictory elements: bold colors against graphic black and white; free association within perfect symmetry, form versus function –  Marimekko wallpaper has rightly earned its iconic status.

Art meets design in this powerful and empowering brand!

Unikko wallpaper by Marimekko wallpaper via NewWallExplore Marimekko I
Marimekko I raises the Company flag with every spirited design, all the while championing confidence, equality and joie de vivre.  The essence of Marimekko wallpaper is expressed in treasured prints pulled from the vault as well as in freshly minted creations destined to become classics.


Bottna by Marimekko Wallpaper available through NewWallExplore Marimekko II
Marimekko II thrills your wallspace with an electrifying series of colorful prints.  Fresh incarnations of the fabled Unikko flower are accompanied by a variety of designs featuring plant and animal life.


Marimekko wallpaper, green botanical patterns Explore Marimekko III
Marimekko III murals expand wallcoverings into the world of large-scale modern art.  Whether positioned on a stark white wall, or softened by a painted or wallpapered backdrop, the fourteen show-stoppers of Marimekko III create an instant focal point with a huge “wow” factor.


food wallpaper by Marimekko via NewWallExplore Marimekko IV
Marimekko IV  honours its Finnish design house roots, with a nostalgic return to classic prints.  Several Marimekko wallpaper favorites reappear, colored-up in contemporary palettes. For those who crave more of what they love, four eye-catching designs are offered as murals.


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