Tres Tintas Barcelona proudly introduces an exclusive line of contemporary wallcoverings created by renowned Spanish artists.

Drawing inspiration from history, travel, haute couture, nature and even pop art, Tres Tintas Barcelona will leave an indelible impression on your wall space, with results ranging from the unexpected to the breath-taking!

Caras-Tres-250x250Explore 9 Selvas de Mariscal
Multi-faceted artist and designer, Javier Mariscal, brilliantly introduces vignettes of the world around him, from urban vitality to the Mediterranean landscape.


Explore Concrete Ciré
In the Concrete Ciré Collection, an intricate plastering technique metamorphoses into an elegant, bespoke wallpaper.  With its subtle metallic sheen, Concrete Ciré pledges a seamless, almost effortless, customized wallspace.


JO1006-1_EnglishGarden_Sillon-350x350Explore Journeys
Journeys represents a collective of murals imagined by Cárlos Buendía, Pablo Piatti and Jazmin Vasco.  Each evokes a treasured destination or a cherished memory of life as it should be lived.


Explore Les Vangardes
Inspired by fragrant florals, chinoiserie, and exquisite forest vegetation. Using a very personal style, the Bananella, Chinella, and Florella wallpapers take us on a creative journey, away from tradition.


Explore Méditerranéen
Created by artist and traveler Lázaro Rosa-Violán, the Méditerranéen Collection embraces the atmosphere of the Mediterranean.  Tradition, history, and the natural environment combine with an artisan’s skill, to communicate the essence of this utopian locale.

Explore Mr. Wonderful
Mr. Wonderful transports any child into another world or even out of this world, in a cheery, comforting and educational way.


Explore Nostalgie
Nostalgie honors classic damask, with representations ranging from gossamer designs to pronounced strokes suitable as wainscoting.

M2215-2-250x250Explore The Silk Road
The Silk Road celebrates the ancient quest for silk, spices and precious jewels that inspired the adventurers of Europe and Asia. History and disparate cultures, captured in intense, authentic designs.


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