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Here at Newwall, we are passionate about providing the finest in interior excellence, artistry and design, with the view to transform people’s spaces into personal paradises. So, when we learn of another house who shares our passion, we simply have to share it with you. The iconic and breathtaking talents of Byron and Dexter Peart are no secret to the design world. Their power twin dynamic has provided a number of stunning creations to the modern world of design, most famously from their WANT Les Essentiels brand which was released in 2007 – a cult high-end accessories and baggage line. Not the type to sit back and enjoy their successes, By and Dexter almost immediately turned on to a new venture, which is a much-needed brand to answer the growing demands in our society for sustainable and environmentally ethical creations that do not sacrifice style in the process.


Source: Dexter

The Establishment of Goodee

Goodee is a wonderful idea which came to By and Dexter following many dinner party talks which highlighted the wave of uncertainty and fear that is rippling through our society, as a result of the current state of our planet. The establishment of Goodee was a 3 year labor of love, which culminated in collections of items and products which not only have a strong and positive social or environmental impact, but also promise style and purpose. Goodee is now leading the way for a new marketplace that encourages a more sustainable lifestyle in a luxurious fashion. They provide an online shopping destination and most recently, a pop-up store in the glorious Whitney Shop – a wonderful establishment which prides itself on displaying the very finest in craft.


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Introducing Goodee Design

Into Your Home

What we adore about the collection of products that Goodee has to offer, is that they all serve a purpose, with design, functionality and aesthetic all being of equal value. When considering how the Goodee collection can transform your home, we recommend that you start by browsing their children’s selection

Play rooms should be spaces of opportunity, where imaginations can run wild in safe yet adventurous interiors. The Goodee children’s collection invites you to explore your creativity and consider how you may create this atmosphere, with playful toys from Raplapla, such as the Emile la Pieuvre octopus. A friend for all occasions, Raplapla’s ingenious design offers a cuddly plaything, with wrappable legs that can be a design feature in a bedroom, a travel companion or a simple fixture to liven up a space.

To transform your space into a child’s paradise, decorate with their stunning Long Story rug from Mini Knots, and pair it with a Charlie Chair and Luisa Table, which are both sustainable, child-friendly with no sharp edges and beautifully stylish.


Wallpapers, murals and coverings are a wonderful way to transform your space. Goodee presents a curated collection for the marvellous design house of Coordonne, which are created using entirely eco-friendly manufacturing techniques to produce new and mesmerising prints. Celebrate the beauty of nature, by introducing the Nenúfares – Lagoon print into your space. Drawing inspiration from Monet’s famous water lily paintings, this print makes for a beautiful feature in a relaxing room, such as a bedroom or lounge.

Prints such as the Shape Study design on the other hand look exquisite in work spaces, as it adds style and character to a space, without causing distraction. We love this print when paired with clean, minimalist style furnishings, where you can bring out the warmth of the terracotta in the design or add in more bold, even darker tones.

Goodee’s Own Collection

The brands that Goodee offer all serve a significant purpose, while slotting effortlessly into spaces to transform interiors – and Goodee’s own brand is no exception. The pillow collection in particular is a superb example of the excellence that the Peart twins never fail to provide in their designs. Made entirely from naturally occurring materials such as plants, these elegantly designed pillows work wonders in any number of interiors. 

Liven up an office space with the Mustard print, using the vibrant yellow to spark creativity in the space. Alternatively the Teal works beautifully in calming interiors, and would pair splendidly with cool, muted tones.

Browse their selection today in Whitney or online, to discover the full extent of their mavellous collection and start transforming your space today.

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