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With over 35 years of expertise, Barcelona based wallcovering line Coordonné is revolutionizing the world of wallcoverings with their high quality creations. The backbone of this family run business is a vibrant team of creative artists and innovative minds.

Coordonné’s author collections are internationally renowned for transforming everyday living spaces into wildly imaginative and inspiring escapes.

Explore 40th Anniversary

Coordonné celebrates 40 years of history, and for this reason, it has edited a 40th Anniversary Collection that celebrates design, art and creativity. 40 artists, one per year, have allowed their universe and creative vision to be captured in 40 designs that are going to revolutionize today’s interior design scene. Are you ready?!


Explore Anima
Anima is an explosion of creativity; combining colour, innovative technique and unique designs. The collection is a journey through the minds of 5 unique designers, each adding their own style; transforming white walls and sober spaces into ambiences with soul and fresh vibes.


Explore Ceylan
Surround yourself with the warmth and serenity of the distant island of Ceylan. Earthy hues and detailed designs showcased in this collection invigorate the senses by taking you on an expedition beyond far-off oceans to the mysterious land of the unknown. Feel the sand of secluded shores, inhale the incense and sweet aromas of tea leaves and experience the fervor of the wilderness in Coordonné’s Ceylan Collection.


Explore Core
An introspective voyage, where people will meet each inner self through nature and the serenity of its colors and forms. In times of an overwhelming excess of information, cities rhythm tends to be frantic and there isn’t even room to observe the closest elements around us, we stop. We stop and set off on a trip. We travel to open our hearts, to feel our own existence. To feel at peace. We are getting back methods, techniques and styles whose fundamental basis has always been relaxation and meditation. We would like to open our homes – that extremely intimate place of self discovery – to quietness and harmony.


Explore Essentia
This unique collection of digitally-printed wallcoverings captures the essence and integrity of raw materials – their permanence and their stripped-down simplicity. Journey to the earth’s core, to witness the origin of wind and precious stones, oceans and aquatic life, as well as life on the land itself. Each Essentia 150/50 mural creates the effect of limitless design, no matter the size or dimension of the wallspace.


Explore Lara Costafreda
Alive, free and wild. Three words that embody Lara Costafreda’s Mediterranean inspired wallcovering collection. This young, celebrated Spanish illustrator invites us to explore her romantic journey through lush gardens and exotic jungles all depicted through watercolor. While maintaining a soft and feminine touch, Lara makes use of a warm tropical color palette to set the tone for her patterns, transforming any space into a blissful paradise.


Explore Pilar Burguet
Pilar Burguet’s delicate and enchanting dreamland will surely fill your little one’s imagination with delightful memories. Meet magical new friends who will guide you and your child through countless fairy tale adventures. An assortment of charming wallpaper patterns offered in soft pastel tones are curiously combined with a selection of murals featuring sweet storyboards. This is where dreams begin!


Explore Random Chiniseries 

Essence, inspiration and overwhelming exoticism. Fantasy landscapes, extraordinary birds and prominent rocky mountains. The new wallpaper and mural collection Random Chinoiseries takes us into the magical oriental world in all its extraordinary facets.


Explore Random Papers 1
Love your walls even more with Random Papers, a treasure chest brimming with a vast array of perfectly random designs. This collection of murals depicts delicate cherry blossoms, endless country roads, magnificent skyline views, and much more!  Random Papers expresses the notion of freedom, the gift of travel and the beauty of creating. A compendium of random thoughts turned into wallpaper lets your imagination run wild and fills your space with a signature style.


Explore Random Papers 2


 Explore Tales
Taking inspiration from traditional and well-known fables, the Tales collection uses a band of friendly animals to tell stories with an educational theme. Delicate shapes and lively hues take us on a wondrous journey of innocence where fantasy, learning and values are shared.


 Explore Tempo
This collection takes a retrospective look at classic styles of beauty and balance and brings them into the 21st Century. Coordonné uses various elements of time-honoured Italian design and transports them to the present day without losing the essence of their past. Taking the most romantic colours from nature, we have created a delicate and evocative palette. Tempo speaks of rhythm, harmony and the beauty of days gone by.


Explore Tiles
Adorn your walls with the historical beauty behind ceramic-adorned Spain. At the heart of the Tiles Collection, witness a fresh take on Barcelona’s revered modernist architecture by Antoni Gaudi. This creative direction reimagines the inspirational, ornate walls found in the 11th century grand palaces of Andalusia. The rich mosaic and tile designs offered in this breathtaking collection are reproduced on a high quality non-woven substrate. Infuse your space with the deep contrasting colors and intricate textures of each pattern, thereby creating a truly timeless look.

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