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"Your home is the backdrop of your life, whether it is a palace or a one-room apartment... It should honestly be your own—an expression of your personality."

At NewWall, we are absolutely ecstatic and honored to offer our clientele the pioneering designs from iconic powerhouse Dorothy Draper & Co. In 1923 the company was founded by Dorothy Draper, the first-ever female interior designer and woman truly ahead of her time.

Draper ignited a revolution not only in the world of interior design but for women by empowering them to transform their domestic space. Today, Draper’s innovative style lives on and continues to thrive through the Dorothy Draper Fabric and Wallcoverings collections. The patterns swerve away from mute minimalism to feature explosions of color, oversized prints and aristocratic flourishes such as chessboard tiles and Baroque detailing.

In our own work, we draw inspiration from Draper’s total dedication to be driven purely by her own distinctive style - she was famous for the dictum "if it looks right, it is right". It was this mindset that motivated her to impressively transform apartment buildings in need of renovation into the most desirable addresses in town - a quintessential resort hotel and
space of see-and-be-seen glamour.

Working throughout The Great Depression, a time of poverty and sadness, Draper was inspiring women to infuse their homes with vivid colors and cheerful motifs.

Honing in on her signature style, Draper manifested her creative vision at resorts, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs across the country, transforming them into ultra-stylish, slightly surreal settings. For example, In New York, the city in which Draper was born, she put her stamp on the restaurant at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Coty salon in Rockefeller Center.

Draper’s spaces are not just memorable but transformative. After her passing, the company was taken over by her protégé Carlton Varney. Since heading up the company, Varney’s design philosophy has echoed Draper’s with the use of bright colors and the exclusion of anything dim or banal. Nearly 100 years on, the company continues to thrive and work on exclusive commercial & residential projects.

Browse the collection from this leading design house and elevate your interior design space with bold, eccentric and irreverent designs inspired by the revolutionary
designer, Dorothy Draper.

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