Another creative perspective from the greatest architects. An artistic interpretation of the greatest architects.
Frank Lloyd Wright, Ricardo Bofill, Xavier Corberó, Jose Antonio Coderch, Winy Maas, Lina Bo Bardi, Stefano Boeri, Jose Luis Sert, Oscar Niemeyer, Norman Foster, Campos Costa, Frank Gehry, Shigeru Ban, Piet Blom and Le Corbusier.


ST MARGARET’S ROSE: Developed by a creative British quartet under the guidance of experimental interiors house 17 PATTERNS. St Margaret’s Rose is a sophisticated hand-painted floral wallcovering of grand proportion. Printed on a traditional fibrous parchment; dramatic dark hues, pastel rose petals, and ethereal grasses depict a bouquet of inspiring beauty. Fashioning an air of romance from delicately sprayed textures, tonal nuance and fingered minutiae, British Photorealist Jason Busk displays technical mastery of his art medium; the aerosol can.

PROTEAS’ DREAM: is an invigorating multi-hued wallcovering produced by 17 PATTERNS. Representing strength, hope and change; this adventurous floral takes its inspiration from the great myth and mystery of one of earth’s oldest flowers, the King Protea.
The versatility of Proteas’ Dream indulges even the boldest of floral fantasies. Instantly transforming both modern and traditional interiors across five fascinating colour palettes of Cream, Pink, Duck Egg, Conure Blue and Woodland Grey.

Rúbrica is a learning and design process in its entirety, in addition to the new collection of wallpapers and murals Tres Tintas.
Rúbrica, doesn’t consider the terms separately parts that compose. It tolerates “small illustrative imperfect things” in some of the parts of the design without affecting It´s quality and beauty of its designs, it buildings patterns and murals with body and soul.
Stroke and color are the main characters the illustration opens leads to story we want to tell through our walls. We illustrate papers and Rúbrica is a signature, a commitment and a way of working to increase the importance of the walls. It´s a performance, ours. “Illustrated Wall Papers Tres Tintas”.


New arrivals from Emma Hayes: Bloom, Dune, Nebula & Songbird.

Minimalist architect of “less is more”.
Rational designs that portray the essence of Mies van der Rohe.
Geometrical shapes intended for spaces where energy can flow without obstacles.
Primary colours which evoke the raw materials of pure urbanism, combined with the glamour of marble and precious stones.


Coqui Ybarra wandered through the Italian countryside with her travel notebook and her box of watercolours, sketching the most singular elements of this stunning Tuscan landscape: The geometry of the fields of wheat with the ears reaching up to the sky. The multi-striped sacks being used to store the collected spices,
The wide-open spaces where remains can be found from the bourgeois Art Nouveau villas of the region,
The wild vegetation, with such an array of colours that only watercolour is able to replicate it.

Going beyond their previous form: meta-morfé. The vital cycle of change.
The artistic evolution of eleven classic wall covering themes from the 19th Century, on to the 21st. A contemporary transformation of wall covering designs depicting vegetation, ornamental decoration and scenography, provoking an explosion of the five senses.

17 designs, 17 profiles of young people, 17 ways of seeing the world.
Decide how you want to decorate the space you inhabit, in the coolest of colour pallets!
Live in the moment and decide how you want to see yourself. #ILoveAdventure #ILoveScience, #ILoveToDream, #ILoveMusic, #ILoveMyMates.
Be different and live in the moment. Be Instant!


Elevate your interior with Wallpaper Project’s latest collections Rio & Triad. Both collections have their roots in the beauty of the natural world. Opt for gentle hues that cascade down your walls with Triad. Or, promote serenity and relaxation with the stonelike textures featured in Rio.


Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage of magic and wonder, color and scale. For the newest collection, Abnormal Anonymous re-imagined original artworks into larger than life motifs with a playful voice. We hope you find delight with their latest collection, Odyssey.


We are proud to introduce House of Hackney’s latest collection “The Magic go Nature, Part ll: Serpentine’s Spell”. An inspired selection of designs and prints which evoke the splendour, mystery and spellbinding qualities of our natural world, through spectacular color waves and mesmerising compositions.


Cope has created a true visual treat with it’s new collections for 2020. Never to disappoint, Cope invites us, through the Laurel collection, to appreciate the stunning abundance of nature in cities from flowers lovingly tended on window sills to persistent plants emerging from unexpected urban spots. Cope’s Imprint collection takes us on a journey to discover the rich history of textile craft across the globe, while Curio evokes excitement and a sense of possibility through tropical destinations in unexplored lands.


Calico welcomes you to explore the versatility of Earth, firstly with it’s spectacular Escape Collection, which provides beautiful illustrations of glacial movements that shape our landscapes. The Paradiso Collection takes us on a journey into the mysterious depths of tropical rainforests, with rich, vivid color palettes and mesmerizing scenes. Discover the unending, rolling landscapes of warm desert scenes with Calico’s hypnotic designs in their Singing Sands collection.

Many of Calico’s collections are also inspired by Science, such as the Prism Collection. The compositions in this collection explore the themes of refraction and light, creating spectacular designs which promise to ignite interiors. Another example can be seen in the wonderful Relic collection, which guides viewers on a luminous exploration into the layers of time.

The Sea Collection by Timorous Beastie celebrates the magnificence of our underwater world. Vibrant coral abstracts, Eels that glide cross velvet material and the impeccable seaweed detailing bring the designs to life in captivating delicate opulence.

Totem Damask

Discover the damask-inspired, totemic patterns, featured in Timorous Beastie’s collection. With kaleidoscopic like colorways, the extravagant designs consist of highly-patterned vertical totems with overlaid floral imagery.