Totem Damask

The Totem Damask wallpaper design has no pattern match and the design changes throughout the 11 yard roll. It can be hung where ever you decide to cut your required drop.

DEMIURGE: Taking its name from the original meaning of ‘Artisan’, 17 PATTERNS’ Demiurge Collection morphs traditional painting with digital artistry into an abstract crescendo of complex textures and enriched colours. Working in collaboration, British contemporary artists – Paris & Nosca Inc repeatedly convolute pre existing matter to craft a series of formless compositions of painterly gestural marks.

KIMOLIA: Reminiscent of a bygone era, Kimolia is a breath-taking collection of botanical wallcoverings. Set across a dramatic 140cm horizontal repeat, this majestic paradise blends faded vintage hues and decadent fibrous textures, with a fresh contemporary perspective.

From bold patterns, statement design to the soft collision of colours and hues, the new fabric designs from 17 PATTERNS all display a highly original characteristic that cannot be found anywhere else. Each pattern displays pure distinctiveness, each with a contemporary feel and is suitable for both modern and traditional interiors.

We are delighted to be able to offer to our clientele the exquisite designs by Wallpaper Projects. In addition to their mesmerizing wallpaper collections, the design studio specializes in custom-made, made to measure, non-repeating murals. The bespoke service demonstrates creativity & vision. That there is a person behind the artwork. That the designs aren’t simply produced, they are crafted. That’s why we are delighted to be working closely with such incredibly vibrant designers. Experimenting with an array of materials and chemical processes, the team at Wallpaper Projects work closely with both the artist and client – unleashing the creative potential of collaboration. The result? Exciting new designs that promise to transform both commercial interiors and personal spaces.

The diary of a couple who journey through the island of Mallorca discovering the island’s native FLORA, its deep-rooted CRAFTMANSHIP, the PEOPLE who work the land, its ARCHITECTURE, its arches, its geometry and the ART that captivated so many artists who have been inspired by Mallorca throughout history.

Essence, inspiration and overwhelming exoticism. Fantasy landscapes, extraordinary birds and prominent rocky mountains. The new wallpaper and mural collection Random Chinoiseries takes us into the magical
oriental world in all its extraordinary facets.

LEMON is a multi-disciplinary design studio specialising in product and graphic design. It has a particular interest and fascination on wallpaper and furniture design. It’s goal is focused on continuous experimentation with concepts and materials, which is underpinned by a considered approach to its craft.

Tres Tintas offers PENTIMENTO, a collection that defends the real nature of a work. A collection that praises the great effort of the artist in his constant determination to improve his technique, in his determination to capture a melody or scent on the canvas.

Take a deep breath and walk through the streets of Cadaqués with Llaüt, a collection that embraces the beauty of simplicity,
the balance of forms and an exquisite combination of colors inspired by
“the most beautiful town in the world”.
That is Llaüt. A first walk. One time and another.

Design collection by Carrie Van Hise

A celebration of the feminine in all of its forms.

Lust for life collection.

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