St Margarets Rose Black 4 Panels

COLLECTION: 17P Collection III

Type: Wallpaper

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Developed by a creative British quartet under the guidance of experimental interiors house 17 Patterns. St Margaret’s Rose is a sophisticated hand-painted floral wallcovering of grand proportion. Printed on a traditional fibrous parchment; dramatic dark hues, pastel rose petals, and ethereal grasses depict a bouquet of inspiring beauty. Fashioning an air of romance from delicately sprayed textures, tonal nuance and fingered minutiae, British Photorealist Jason Busk displays technical mastery of his art medium; the aerosol can. Meticulous in his delivery, Busk interprets the uncontrived decorous flora of artisan florist Thistle and Pearl, by referencing the high definition photography of project lensman Ben Peter Catchpole. Conceptualised and orchestrated by avant-garde wallpaper designer Nosca Inc, this playful 21st century ‘Still Life’ delivers an ensemble of artistic styles that crescendo into a spectacular interior mural.


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