Iguana Superwide SWP/IGU/BRO/06


Type: Wallpaper

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This print draws from the work of Charles Darwin, and elegantly references his groundbreaking theory of evolution in the Galapagos Islands. The Iguana, a reptile commonly found on these Islands can be considered a subtle metaphor for adaption and survival. The birds surrounding these creatures can be seen as a direct reference for Darwin’s work with Finches, the animal that allowed him to pave the way for our understanding of Evolution today. This artistic feature allows for an enlightening scientific reference, whilst also boasting a detailed and delicate design.

We believe that this print would be an exquisite addition to your home as the array of colour schemes allow you to create a unique interior suited to you. This print could be used to either complement more bold pieces, or indeed as an eye-catching focal point for your space.


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