Far Red MLL 3106-2


Type: Wallpaper

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Climb golden stairs to the sky. Look for a spark and explode in light. And become a lighthouse, safe harbour for sailors. Challenge the dark. Jump through the window. Head to the water.


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ROLLS could potentially be made using vinyl substrate BUT a sample must be produced as print proofs were only done for non-woven.


  • Composition: digital print on non-woven
  • Dimensions: 138"w X 106"h
  • Packaging: mural
  • Color: red
  • Pattern Match: n/a
  • Lead Time: 3 weeks lead-time plus delivery
  • Care: damp cloth, good lightfastness, strippable
  • Origin: made in Spain
  • FR Rating: class A
  • Stock Code: MLL 3106-2
  • Priced Per: standard size mural / per yard